Instrumentation and control engineering

We ensure proper professional and competent instrumentation and control project planning, from the acquisition of the initial plant data during the basic engineering phase through to preparation of the EI&C final documentation in the detail planning & design stage. We also assist you with the following:

  Basic engineering

  • Concept creation
  • Basic cost estimating
  • P+I flow chart
  • Compiling the process data
  • Definition of explosion protection measures
  • Verification of intrinsic safety
  • SIL verification for SIF/SIS devices
  • Definition of the equipment technology
  • Calculating and designing the I&C equipment
  • Drawing up technical specifications
  • Preparation of function charts and control diagrams
  • Preparing tender documents

Detailed planning & design

  • Preparing circuit documents for I&C points plans (loops)
  • Control room documentation
  • Drawing up PLC/PCS configuration lists
  • Producing circuit diagrams
  • Preparation of the connection plans (terminal diagrams, field and air distributors)
  • Cable planning / field wiring
  • Preparing the bills of quantity for assembly/installation
  • Compiling the assembly/installation documents
  • Assembly/installation supervision
  • Preparing the final I&C engineering documentation

The design and project planning is carried out using CAE and CAD systems to client preferences.
Our project planning is based on the relevant standards, guidelines and directives.


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