Electrical engineering

 With our electrical engineering services, we offer you independent planning and design and project planning for low and medium-voltage switchgear, without brand or manufacturer bias.

  • Preparation (appraisal, brief) and design development
  • Load flow and short-circuit calculations
  • Specification of switchgear and distributions
  • Design of low and medium-voltage switchgear
  • Installation planning for buildings, cable routes, electrical loads
  • Lighting calculations
  • Calculation and project planning for trace heating
  • Planning and design of control rooms (equipment plan, raised access floor, cooling system)
  • Planning earthing and lightning protection measures
  • Drawing up cable route plans
  • Preparing the bills of quantity for assembly/installation
  • Compiling the assembly/installation documents
  • Assembly/installation supervision
  • Preparing the final electrical engineering documentation

The design and project planning is carried out using CAE and CAD systems to client preferences. Our project planning is based on the relevant standards, guidelines and directives.

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