Consulting and concept

We offer comprehensive project support, from planning and design advice through to implementation and commissioning.

  • Process and environmental engineering
  • Approval procedures, safety concepts
  • Investment decisions

We have the experience and work to your in-house company regulations, international guidelines, directives and standards. The following standards and regulations have been used for work carried out on various projects at home and abroad.

  • German regulations VDE, VDI, DIN, UVV, VbF/ TRbF,
  • ATEX Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (TRD, steam KV)
  • Safety engineering guidelines
  • Company regulations and standards of German and foreign companies such as Evonik, Shell, BASF, Bayer, BP, SAPIC, Total, Thyssen, Mannesmann
  • Regulations of the power plant operators VGB, RDS-PP (formerly KKS), AKS
  • International IEC regulations
  • American codes ANSI, ASME, NEMA, NEC, API, UL
  • British standards BS
  • French standards UTE
  • Standards for pipelines: RohrFLtgV, TRFL, DVGW

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